Bengal Kitten Breeders in South Carolina

buy bengal cats in South Carolina

When searching for Bengal kittens for sale in South Carolina, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Bengals are an extraordinary and distinctive domestic kitten breed and there are many reasons why a pet lover may want to own one. What stands out at first sight is the sleek and stunning texture of their coat, but those who have spent time with a Bengal would also enjoy them for their intellect, cordialness and ever lively character. One Bengal owner has let us know that his Bengal enjoys water so much that he basically spends each day swimming in the neighbor’s pond and never fails to return without a fish hanging off his mouth!

All of that sounds adorable enough, however always remember that spotting a well-bred Bengal kitten may not be all that simple for you. To start with, one can not find them in nearby family pet stores or from regular pet breeders. Bengal breeders are few in number and it is also crucial that one buy only through a reputable Bengal kittens breeder and someone who comes with a great track record.

However, before we get into that, listed below are some basic facts you needs to understand before buying a Bengal cat. First, the breed is the outcome of a mix involving domestic cats and an Asian Leopard Cat, a feline breed of the undomesticated variety though smaller in appearance and stature.

Kinds of Bengals

Currently, generation-wise, there are a couple of primary groups to be found with Bengal kittens– the Early Generation or Foundation Bengals and Stud Book Tradition or SBT Bengals. Truth be told there isn’t much of a difference in with regards to appearance amongst the members of these two different generations. Each come with a solid and lean physique and also that unique and wonderfully spotted or marbled coat. Members of both breeds are also known to feature very loving personalities and will quickly become friendly with your friends and children.

That said, the foundation Bengals keep many of the wilder characteristics of their undomesticated ancestors and more often than not, they are not even recognized as domestic pets. As a matter of fact, the majority of breeders in the USA only provide SBT Bengals for sale while preserving the foundation Bengals primarily for breeding purposes or for selling them to experienced owners only.

When it comes to deciding on your special kitten, try to keep it in mind that while all Bengal kittens come with that rich and lustrous fur coat with dark markings, there are a couple of common variants as far as the fur patterns go. So, the fur will either be of a marbled pattern or a spotted/rosette pattern. You will get an even greater variation in regards to the color of the fur. The most sought-after are the snow white and the beige/walnut brown. But you will likely additionally discover Bengals with furs of a golden hue, or creamy white or those that come with a bluish shade. So, we might suggest that you do a bit of groundwork on this to decide precisely what kind of Bengal you might choose as your cat.


Finally, we come to the most crucial thing you should know when it comes to breeders in South Carolina. You must know that according to TICA or The International Cat Association requirements, no Bengal breeder is permitted to part with their kitten before it is at minimum 13 weeks old. During this time, the kitten needs to be litter trained and should be fed well on solids. All Bengal kittens should also be registered properly with the GCGF. Also all respectable breeders will make sure that the kittens are wormed, vaccinated and are temporarily ensured. So, inspect these factors before you decide to purchase your Bengal from a particular breeder. We suggest that you visit at least three reputable breeders and compile as much information as possible prior to finally committing yourself to the purchase.